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The Best of Nature for Your Well-Being

We are pleased to share with you our 2019 Activity and Sustainable Development Report, a compilation of the most relevant initiatives carried out by the women and men who are writing the story of Roquette. This report highlights the Sustainable Development commitments of the group through human stories. Embodied by our employees and true to our values, authenticity in particular, this report offers a great reading experience led by its content and its design.

As usual, our Sustainable Development approach relies on four pillars:

  • The Innovating Pillar, illustrated through stories such as our innovation to meet the needs of our customers and launch the KLEPTOSE HPB-LB® parenteral grade to help patients having global access to medicine. (page 14)
  • The Sourcing Pillar, shown by a story where you will learn how Roquette builds partnerships with breeders and farmers to select and use the most suitable agricultural resources, in the so-called Roquette sustainable pea chain to meet our customers’ requirements for plant-based proteins. (page 19)
  • The Biorefining Pillar, where we explain our efforts to improve energy consumption to offer more environmentally friendly ingredients. We strive to minimize our environmental impact daily at work, including projects like geothermal power and biomass. (page 22)
  • The Acting Pillar, which includes our work at creating a pleasant working environment. We are committed to build on our diversity, by valuing our differences and promoting the sharing of best practices in a multicultural network. (page 32)

We wish you an excellent reading!

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Activity and Sustainable Development Report