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Savoury meat analogue

Developing indulgent meat-free products with pea protein has never been so easy!

Flexitarianism is one of the fastest growing consumer categories today. As a consequence, meat substitutes offers are expanding rapidly. “Taste and texture are the indisputable attributes with which to convince flexitarians that they can find appetizing solutions. This makes it a key to painlessly reducing meat product consumption.” says Marc Renaud, Market Manager Europe at Roquette. “That’s why we developed a new grade of textured pea protein with an improved texture”.

The European meat substitutes market is valued at €970M, with an average 7% annual growth rate1. Europe is the largest retail market globally for meat substitutes. In addition to vegans and vegetarians, this plant-based category addresses mainstream consumers with dietary preferences for vegetable choices.

In this context, Roquette offers NUTRALYS® T70S: a unique, natural and clean textured pea protein that is environmentally-friendly and enables the preparation of a variety of meat substitutes for new taste experiences. 

NUTRALYS® T70S textured pea protein has the remarkable fibrous texture required for plant-based eating pleasure (appearance, bite). The ingredient is versatile and can mimic various types of meats like beef, poultry, pork and fish. With its best-in-class taste, it allows flexible dosage and inspiring flavors. NUTRALYS® T70S is a natural ingredient2. It is 70% protein and 7% fiber. It is also gluten-free and Vegan/Vegetarian-compatible.

This textured pea protein has already won the Best Savoury/Meat Innovation Award at the 2015  Food Ingredients Europe tradeshow. As a first step, NUTRALYS® T70S is commercially available in the European region and in some surrounding countries3.

“With NUTRALYS® T70S, Roquette’s ambitious aim is to become the leader in non-soy, plant-based protein enrichment for the meat substitutes market.” says Marc Renaud.

The range of NUTRALYS® textured pea proteins offers new solutions to formulators and marketing managers wishing to deliver food products that meet current trends, such as vegetarianism, reduction of meat consumption or a general public demand for diets offering greater sustainability.

1 Source: Euromonitor 2018 - meat substitutes category
2 According to ISO TS 19657-2017
3 As a first step, the commercialization is limited to some countries. Contact us for more information.


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