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The 2018 prize is the first awarded to the company as Roquette, which acquired Itacel, Blanver’s excipients division in 2017.  Blanver won the award the last five years.
Roquette Sindusfarma

La Madeleine (France), May 24, 2018 – Roquette, a global leader in innovative plant-based ingredients and a key player in the pharmaceutical excipients market in Latin America, received the Sindusfarma Quality Award for Best Raw Materials Supplier at a ceremony held on May 21st at the Tom Brasil show house in São Paulo.

Blanver, whose excipients division was acquired by Roquette in September 2017, won the award in the previous five years. This is the first year the award was given to the company under the Roquette name.

The Sindusfarma Quality Award recognizes the best suppliers and service providers of the pharmaceutical industry in 24 categories. The award was established by the Sindusfarma Pharmaceutical Industry Union (Sindusfarma), in partnership with Nürnberg Messe Brasil, promoter of FCE Pharma.  FCE is the International Exhibition of Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the sector's biggest trade show in Latin America. The FCE show runs from May 22 to 24 this year at Expo São Paulo.

Paul Smaltz, Head of the Global Pharma Business Unit at Roquette said, “We are thrilled to receive this award again this year – and for the first time as Roquette. This prize shows that the acquisition by Roquette and the complete integration within the group has been seamless for our customers from an operational point of view. And I am personally delighted to see that our team’s commitment to our customers and ultimately to improving the lives of the patients we serve is unwavering. I am looking forward to our next successes together.”

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