Co-Processed Lactose Starch
Product Profile

Co-Processed Lactose Starch

EP/USP compliance


Product Name

StarLac® Co-Processed Lactose Starch

Quantitative Composition

Approximately Alpha-Lactose Monohydrate 85%-Native Maize Starch 15%

CAS Number

Alpha-Lactose Monohydrate 5989-81-1; Starch 9005-25-8

Chemical structure

Molecular Weight

Alpha-Lactose Monohydrate: 360.31 g/mol

Physical Form or Appearence

White or almost white odorless powder


StarLac® is a direct compression excipient with disintegrant properties that is also an excellent filler/binder in dry granulation process. It is suitable for swallowable and orally dispersible tablets as well as hard capsules.

Water Content (LOD)

Maximum water content: 3 %


microscope picture

Average Mean Particle Diameter

125 µm

Particle Size Distribution by Laser Diffraction

dv10 = 30 µm

dv50 = 125 µm

dv90 = 240 µm


Partially soluble in cold water, practically insoluble in ethanol (96%)

Melting Temperature

201-202°C for dehydrated alpha-lactose monohydrate

Water sorption isotherm at 20°C

DVS graph


Slightly sweet

Compression Behaviour

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Experimental Conditions for Compression Behavior

Tablet Press  STYLCAM 200R 
Production Speed  10, 25 and 40 tabs/min (Respective linear punch velocity: 38, 96 and 152 mm/s; Respective simulated rotary press speed: 60000, 150000 and 250000 tablets/hour) 
 Tooling 10 mm R9 Concave 
Lubrication  0,5% Magnesium stearate 
Tablet Mass  455mg 

Powder Characteristics

Powder Flowability: 4 s (according to Ph.Eur. 2.9.16, 10mm outflow opening)
Bulk Density: 0.57 g/cm3
Tapped Density: 0.68 g/cm3
True Density: 1.495 g/cm3
Specific Surface Area: 0.39 m²/g
Angle of Repose: 34 °