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Their collaboration and strong partnership strategically shift to design highly flexible supply chains while reducing environmental impact.

1 December 2020 - Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for food, nutrition and health markets, and the H&S Group, Europe's largest intermodal logistic service provider are continuing to optimize entire supply chains with smart logistics concepts. Following the successful implementation of intermodal solutions for major food and pharmaceutical companies around Europe, Roquette and the H&S Group have decided to go further together. 

As family owned companies, both groups share the same focus on innovation, sustainable development and food safety. They also share a common view on agility and customer services.

Accordingly, they are committed to optimizing entire supply chains and logistics services in terms of flexibility, reliability and responsiveness while reducing environmental impact.

Logistics for liquid food ingredients and pharmaceuticals products in bulk is one of the largest transport modes for Roquette to deliver to all its customers around Europe. The H&S Group as a logistics service provider has offered a wide range of different logistics solutions connected within a strong Pan-European road- and intermodal network improving supply chains for Roquette in shifting road transport to intermodal modes. 

Effective in 2020 as a joint effort Roquette and H&S have developed further solutions based on smart artificial tools and logistics concepts, which lowers the environmental impact from transport while complying with all specific customer requirements.

François Derycke, European Transportation Manager at Roquette says, “The challenge was to find a real partner with an extensive track record excelling in quality and service, having the right capabilities and scale. Thanks to logistics hubs combining road and rail transports, we are providing more flexibility and securing all our deliveries by bringing our factories closer to the customers while improving the environmental impact and optimizing costs. With the H&S Group we have found a partner having a clear vision and proven track record to move us forward by giving us access to a higher level of logistic solutions, able to manage and execute flows in a very efficient way in Europe.”

Stefan Heintjes, Business Unit Director H&S Transport says, “The combination of logistic intelligence connected to a strong Pan-European Network Service with different transport modes and logistic concepts, enables Roquette to better satisfy its customers’ expectations, reduce environmental impact and maintain competitiveness.” Roquette will continue with the H&S Group as its strategic logistics provider helping with new ways of transporting and moving goods around Europe across the different supply chains. Both companies are looking forward to strengthening their cooperation in building logistics on smart concepts.

About the H&S Group: “Making your supply chain work” 

The H&S Group is a family-owned company with 75 years experience in liquid bulk foodstuff transport. Over time, H&S has evolved into a dedicated logistic services provider. Next to the traditional modal and intermodal transportation of liquid foodstuff in bulk, services include 3PL and 4PL tailor made solutions for international customers. Establishing strong partnerships is one of the keys to the H&S Group’s success. By focusing on innovation within automation and technology, H&S has always found ways to further support customers in their logistic processes. By investing in logistics start-ups that focus on cleaner and smarter ways of transportation, the H&S Group continues to invest in the future. The H&S Group has more than 600 employees in the Netherlands, Poland, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Hungary. With 1500 tank units and in-house developed software systems, the H&S Group has a consolidated annual turnover of over 200 million euro.

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About Roquette: "Offering the best of nature" 

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