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Future Food-Tech Innovation Challenge

Interact live webinar

5:00PM to 6:00PM

As part of Future Food-Tech New York, the Innovation Challenges stimulate new solutions to the most pressing issues facing today’s food producers, and give start-ups the opportunity to partner with corporate leaders to scale their innovations.

As part of our Alternative Proteins Summit on June 22-23, Quorn Foods and Roquette, two global plant-based leaders, are calling upon entrepreneurs with technologies in two key growth areas; mimicking whole cuts and delivering unique gastronomic experiences. They have each set a challenge, asking entrepreneurs to tackle two critical issues in the plant-based sector.

About the Roquette Challenge

Plant-Based Products Offering New Gastronomic Experiences to the Consumer

Sergio Neves, Head of Open Innovation at Roquette: "As a key supplier of alternative proteins, we see a tremendous opportunity for a food revolution with plant-based food. To enable this revolution requires a new generation of creative food entrepreneurs in a new food ecosystem." 

Roquette is interested in companies who have had seed-stage funding, and are using alternative proteins to make plant-based food within the whole food and beverage space.

Visit Future Food-Tech page dedicated to the Innovation Challenge to:

  • Learn more and sign up for the live webinar scheduled on April 20 at 5:00pm, where senior leaders at Roquette and Quorn Foods share their innovation priorities and answer audience questions about the challenges they have set.
  • Apply for the challenge before May 7.

Submit your solution to tackle the challenges faced by Quorn Foods and Roquette.


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