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Roquette offers a range of both soluble and insoluble fibers, each of them providing specific benefits that combine outstanding nutritional and technological properties.

Dietary fibers are naturally processed by the daily intake of fruits and vegetables. These fibers are indispensable to the body, notably playing an important nutritional and functional part in the digestive system’s equilibrium.
Today, important dietary imbalances (due to consumption of sugar, fat, insufficient fruit and vegetables intake, etc.), combined with physical inactivity, have led to serious societal obesity problems, vascular diseases and more.

Soluble fiber

Roquette is helping to slow and reverse these modern alimentary problems by offering NUTRIOSE® dietary fiber to the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

NUTRIOSE® is the name of a range of water soluble dietary fibers developed by the company.

NUTRIOSE® ingredients are developed either from wheat (NUTRIOSE® FB) or corn (NUTRIOSE® FM), both with high levels of fiber (85%) and both offering sugar-free grades. NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber's excellent digestive tolerance gives it a major role in achieving nutritional intake balance: “less sugar, fat and calories, more fiber” – all this while preserving a great taste.


NUTRIOSE® is progressively becoming an international reference for Soluble Dietary Fiber, with unexcelled benefits for consumers the world over.

In Canada, for example, NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber obtained the status of “dietary fiber.” Following this recognition, two new health claims for NUTRIOSE® were published in the Official Journal of Implementing Regulation (EU) 2016/854. These confirm that NUTRIOSE® contributes to the maintenance of tooth mineralization by reducing tooth demineralization; and also induces lower postprandial glycemic responses. 

In Korea, the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) has issued a favorable scientific opinion on the claim related to the prebiotic aspect of NUTRIOSE®.

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the range, the tasty and innovative food recipes and our clinical studies on NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber and its health benefits 



Insoluble fiber

ROQUETTE PEA FIBER completes the NUTRIOSE® range with an insoluble fiber.

White in color, neutral in taste and in the form of an easy-flowing powder, this ingredient is a texturizer.

Its effective water-retention under process conditions has a limited impact on viscosity – a unique behavior that combines fiber content and technological properties that promote cost optimization.

*Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods

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