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Cyclodextrins in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and industrial markets

From potatoes to life-saving treatments, toiletries, plant care and much more.

Roquette has been one of the driving forces in the industrial development of beta-cyclodextrins, pioneering the bio-transformational process that turns unassuming potato starch into our high-quality range of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical excipients: KLEPTOSE® beta-cyclodextrins and hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrins.

Beauté by Roquette® uses cyclodextrins, native beta-cyclodextrins and hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrins within their solutions with various functionalities and for multiple applications. These cyclodextrins provide a high power of sebum absorption to play with texture and empowering formulation to provide an anti-caking agent. In addition, they can be used to help provide the consumer with longer lasting fragrances. 

KLEPTOSE® beta-cyclodextrins are used in bio-industry and fermentation working as processing aids and in plant care for plant protection and biocontrol. They encapsulate and stabilize whist protecting actives.

KLEPTOSE®: Beta-cyclodextrins for pharma and biopharma applications

With their unique circular molecule structure, beta-cyclodextrins are able to encapsulate or ‘trap’ accompanying ingredients to form complexes or inclusion compounds. This invaluable functionality allows drug developers to unlock modified molecule properties essential to the delivery of oral and injectable treatments.

Efficient solubilizers, stabilization enhancers and taste-masking agents; KLEPTOSE® beta-cyclodextrins are suitable for use in a wide variety of dosage forms – from solid tablets to liquid suspensions. Offering drug developers ultimate formulation flexibility,

Roquette provides an extensive range of KLEPTOSE® excipient grades, which includes options designed for low water content, various particle sizes and direct compression processes. 

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KLEPTOSE®: Hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrins for pharma and biopharma applications

KLEPTOSE® HP and HPB, Roquette’s quality-assured hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrins (HPβCD), are highly soluble beta-cyclodextrin derivatives – multifunctional molecular encapsulation agents suitable for both pharmaceutical (oral and parenteral grades) and biopharmaceutical applications.

Whether its overcoming challenges associated with aqueous solubility, stability or taste, these market-leading excipients can be relied on to perform, produced according to US FDA and ICH Q7A GMP guidelines at our purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

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Beauté by Roquette®

Explore our range of native and hydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrins designed exclusively for cosmetics applications: deodorant, color cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, hygiene, oral care, and skin care applications.

Our ingredients provide active enhancer benefits serving as encapsulating agents, active carriers, active and fragrance solubilizer and stabilizer.


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Plant nutrition - Biostimulants

Plant care, bio-industry and fermentation

Our KLEPTOSE® beta-cyclodextrin enables encapsulation, solubilization and stabilization of sensitive actives in industrial applications:

  • Processing aids in Bio-Industry & Fermentation
  • Plant Protection and Biocontrol in Plant care


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