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Cereal sugars

Maltodextrins, dextrose and glucoses

Cereal-based sugars present nutritional and physiological interests and so contribute to provide energy to our body. At the same time, they have a sweet taste that is the one preferred by humans, and naturally associated with pleasure.

Over the decades, Roquette has progressively developed the widest range of cereal sugars available on the international market. Industrial locations in Europe, Asia, IMEA and Americas allow us to serve our customers in all these regions. For a long time, cereal sugars have had a growing importance in human nutrition and pharma, as well as in feed, pet food, chemical, and industrial applications.

Our range of cereal sugars answers the request of the market

The properties that customers are looking for are:

  • sweetness
  • anti-crystallizing power
  • viscosity
  • fermentability by yeasts
  • nutrition 

High quality, high expertise 

Thanks to our real long-term expertise in powders technology developed over years, we are in a position of global leadership in:

Roquette is also a leading player on the market of liquid sugars (glucose syrups, glucose-fructose syrups, liquid maltodextrins).

Our products are made from several renewable raw materials, such as wheat, corn, potato and pea. That allows us to propose a very wide range of cereals sugars: various particle sizes for powder products, a large range of DE for glucose syrups and maltodextrins.

A specific focus on:

  • Food safety: high microbiological and contaminant standards
  • Compliance with regulations and pharmacopeias
  • Securing the supply thanks to our presence on the four continents

Cereals sugar
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