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Roquette cosmectics

Roquette announces the imminent launch of an innovative and dedicated offering of high-performing and natural-based specialties for the Cosmetics market.

La Madeleine (France), 6 March 2018 – Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients for Food, Nutrition and Health markets, today announces the imminent launch of an innovative and dedicated offering of high-performing and natural-based specialties for the Cosmetics market. The Group will unveil this new product range, branded “Beauté by Roquette®”, at the In-Cosmetics tradeshow in Amsterdam on April 17-19th.  

To develop this new high-value offer for the Cosmetics market, Roquette leverages its 80-year expertise in developing plant-based ingredients. Roquette has built a track record of innovation and quality excellence in the Food and Pharma markets, and that will serve as a pillar to create a differentiated position in Cosmetics. Headquartered in France, Roquette has been working closely with the French cosmetics ecosystem to design and test its offer, and intends to reinforce its collaboration with its customers and partners globally to provide consumers with new benefits.

This new offering aims at addressing key consumer trends in the Cosmetics market, notably the growing demand for plant-based products, but also for high-performance and innovation. These trends are reinforced by increasing environmental concerns, the growth of the middle-class, urbanization and ageing populations, which will continue to contribute to dynamism of the global Cosmetics market.

The Beauté by Roquette® range of products will focus on anti-ageing and sun protection properties, as well as improved sensorial benefits combining for instance hydration, softness with a unique dry and velvet skin feel. Gaëtan Borgers, Vice President Cosmetics Business, said: “We are looking forward to unveiling Beauté by Roquette® as we believe we have real innovations that can bring solutions to the Cosmetics market. We plan to leverage our strong know-how in plant-based ingredients for the Food, Nutrition and Health markets to offer innovative, high-performance and sustainable solutions to the Cosmetics market, which we see as a very attractive market at the crossroads of our current areas of expertise.”

Jean-Marc Gilson, CEO of Roquette added: “The upcoming launch of our Beauté by Roquette® range is an important development milestone for the Group. We believe that Beauty is all about Skin Health and Nutrition and we see our new activity in Cosmetics as a complementary promising pillar to our existing offering. This new pillar will further contribute to improving well-being of millions of consumers worldwide.”


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