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Climate change, new consumer habits, sustainable products, reduction of environmental impact, diversity and inclusion... These are all challenges that drive Roquette daily. To address them in a constantly changing world, the group is renewing its commitment through its life+nature program, including ambitious environmental, social, and societal objectives by 2030. As a key part of the program, Roquette is already planning to invest €350 million in the decarbonization of its industrial sites over the next three years.

La Madeleine (France), July 2, 2024 - Roquette, a global leader in plant-based ingredients and a major supplier of pharmaceutical excipients, presents its life+nature program, aimed at renewing and strengthening its sustainability approach, and defining some ambitious targets for 2030. In the coming years, the group is committed to decarbonizing its activities by reducing its direct and indirect emissions, making its product offering more sustainable by systematically integrating eco-design, and continuing to put people at the heart of its strategy in terms of health, safety, well-being, ethics, diversity and inclusion - whether they are Roquette employees, customers, suppliers or the local communities where it operates.

Driven by a constant desire for innovation and a long-term vision, Roquette has built this program, which is fully integrated into the group's strategy and activities, on three engagement platforms: PRESERVE the planet, INVENT for the future and CARE for people.

For Xavier Galliot, Head of Sustainability, Member of the Executive Office of the Roquette group: "With life and nature being at the heart of our business, sustainable development is one of the strategic pillars of the company. We are very proud to present life+nature, which is the concrete materialization of our commitment. Thanks to a dedicated expert team, a workforce who is aware and engaged in the role they have to play, 16 identified priority areas of work and several hundred million euros invested over the next few years, we will act for a more sustainable future, strengthen our performance and achieve our ambitious objectives by 2030.”

PRESERVE the planet

Protecting the planet and its resources, mitigating its impacts, and adapting.

Aware of its environmental footprint and the consequences of climate change on its activities, Roquette has built this platform around two main areas of work: mitigation via a vast decarbonization plan validated by the SBTi(1) to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030; and adaptation of its value chain to climate hazards, with sustainable raw materials, optimized water management and resilient sources of supply.

INVENT for the future

Innovation at the service of a sustainable offer.

Through the "INVENT for the future" commitment, Roquette's ambition is to anticipate and offer solutions designed to create shared value for its customers, society and the planet. Thanks to the integration of eco-design into its innovation processes and the implementation of a tool to assess the sustainability of its product portfolio, Roquette proposes a more sustainable offer that adapts to its customers' demand for sustainability and meets new consumer expectations. Spearheading this platform is an eco-design training program that has been launched with Roquette's R&D and Innovation teams. Primarily focused on conducting life cycle assessments of all Roquette products by 2030, the program will enable the development of new solutions aimed at reducing environmental footprint throughout their life cycle and contributing to an even stronger positive social impact.

CARE for people

Employee safety, well-being at work, training, inclusion, community involvement... People at the heart of Roquette's commitments.

Roquette maintains a bond of trust with all its partners, placing the safety of people, ethics, and social dialogue at the heart of their exchanges. In all its activities, the group works for the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Roquette offers its employees rich and varied career paths, and ensures their quality of life at work, respect for their diversity and development of their skills. The safety of everyone is also a priority.

By 2030, each employee will benefit from more than 25 hours of training each year, an objective already achieved for the year 2023 and which will be maintained for the long run. 

A key actor in the heart of the territories where it operates, Roquette also supports, all over the world, programs in local communities with the backing of the Roquette Foundation for Health. More than 100 programs will be set up each year near our sites by 2030. 

Roquette’s life+nature program is the concretion of the group’s sustainable development ambition. For more information, please visit this dedicated website

(1) SBTi : Science-Based Targets initiative 

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