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Jobs at Roquette

Working at Roquette means participating in rich and varied professional missions.

Production - Engineering - Supply Chain - Purchasing - Quality - Research & Development

Sales and Commercial - Communications - Finance - Legal - Human Resources - Digital

The diversity of jobs we offer, the breadth of knowledge of our experts, and the passion of our employees make Roquette a unique company. With us, you will be part of an exciting and dynamic workplace where every day brings new challenges and opportunities to excel. You will have the chance to work on projects that make a real difference in the world.

Who better than our employees to tell the story of Roquette?

Discover in these videos what they share about their work, their colleagues, their life at Roquette... and beyond.

Amélie - Production Manager

Nadine - Digital Manager

Bruno, Purchasing Manager

Jean-François - Environment Manager


 Focused on excellence and innovation, Roquette develops its expertise in:

  • Applied research
  • Development of innovative processes
  • Process control and safety
  • Design of industrial projects
  • Predictive maintenance

We are proud of our extensive expertise and our ability to provide reliable and efficient services to our customers. 

We work closely with them to create value and achieve success together. 

Our local presence ensures that we can respond quickly to their needs and provide them with the highest level of service. 

Expertise management is key to us. We support our community of experts in: 

  • Identifying the technical and scientific skills specific to the Roquette group.
  • Developing dedicated career paths allowing identified employees to strengthen their knowledge and technical skills.
  • Recognizing the contribution of our experts to the company's strategy.

Develop, Share and Learn at Roquette

At Roquette, we strive to create a positive environment where everyone is motivated to learn, develop, and grow. 

We consider the onboarding process to be a crucial time for our new employees. During this period, we aim to facilitate their first steps within the company by providing them with the necessary support, connections, and knowledge. Our onboarding program is designed to ensure that new employees start off on the right foot and feel a sense of belonging to Roquette.

  • I've experienced security and confidence that allows me to learn and grow.
    Andrius Pazniokas
    Energy Engineer, Lithuania

"As an energetics engineer at our Panevezys site, I've experienced security and confidence, allowing me to learn and grow. The team is friendly and supportive. The environment for creativity and implementing ideas has helped me, while learning manufacturing productivity and process management.

At Roquette, excellence is a way of life. I've gained understanding and mastery of relevant expertise."

Career Opportunities

Internal mobility is part of our culture.

We believe that career growth and personal development are essential components of a fulfilling work experience. 

That's why we've made internal mobility a cornerstone of our culture. Our innovative system of gateways between professions allows our employees to explore new opportunities and expand their skill sets. 

We also provide our employees with visibility on job openings through our Mobility Hub platform, giving them the chance to apply for roles that align with their career aspirations.

Through our commitment to internal mobility, we've seen countless employees take their careers to the next level. Whether it's through increased responsibilities, a change in profession, or geographic mobility. 

  • Roquette - Adelia Roveda Testimony

    Adelia – Energy Purchasing Manager (Italy)​

    "Working in the power and gas supply and trading sector, I approach my job from a market-oriented perspective. I feel confident that, thanks to my experience and skill set, I can contribute to and support the Cassano site in achieving its sustainable development commitments while also learning and developing myself on technical and practical aspects.

    The multicultural and positive environment fosters optimal performance and encourages innovative ideas!"

  • Roquette - Jose Luis Penuelas Testimony

    Jose-Luis – Transportation & Performance Manager (Spain)​

    “We are facing exciting challenges at Roquette, as we not only have to continue serving our plant-based ingredients to our customers with the quality and the service required, but also finding the way to do it with less environmental impact through innovative transport solutions to address their needs with the more sustainable mode possible along the entire chain. 

    I am grateful to have such a role in the company where I can contribute to this important duty towards our planet."

  • Roquette - Luis Huicochea Testimony

    Luis – Head of Global Accounts LATAM (Mexico)​

    "Being a part of Roquette has been a wonderful journey that has positively impacted my professional and personal development and growth. Roquette is a global leader in plant-based solutions for human well-being, with a focus on safety, sustainability and customers satisfaction.

    After 14 years with Roquette, if I were asked to join again, I would say YES!"

  • Roquette - Laura Dias Testimony

    Laura – Sr. Regulatory Affairs Manager (US)​

    “I have set specific goals to advance along my career path. I am always eager to learn and welcome any advice that can help me navigate my professional journey more effectively.

    Roquette has opportunities beyond what your eyes can see, so do not be shy, be vocal about career goals, be proactive, make your work visible, share your accomplishments, get dedicated to the company’s programs. 

    Stepping out of your comfort zone is a synonym of learning and growth moments in your life and work.”

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