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Beauté Talks, a Podcast by Roquette Beauté

Beauté Talks, a Podcast by Roquette Beauté

Beauté Talks, un podcast par Roquette Beauté

During the second edition of Roquette Beauté Expert Days, hosted at the Roquette Beauté Expertise Center in October 2022, Géraldine Louvet-Pommier - R&D Applications Manager, had a conversation with our guest speakers to get their insights and thoughts on the focus theme of this edition.

Join their conversation on Rethinking the Future of Cosmetics in these two episodes of Beauté Talks – a podcast by Roquette Beauté.

Episode 1:
Food to beauty – the meaning of good

Episode 2:
Leveraging collective intelligence to innovate

EPISODE 1: Building up the new narratives of naturals - the food inspiration

With the food sector as a source of reflection and new approaches to innovation for cosmetics, let’s explore new concepts for tomorrow: “rethinking both our vision of plant-based functional ingredients and an ethic of "Good”.

Podcast guests

  • Kaavya Raveendran, Market Analyst at INNOVA MARKET INSIGHTS – On anticipating new consumer trends and the concept of "good" in the food market
  • Julie Anthoni, PhD, Director of scientific and innovative markets at VIVESCIA – On Rethinking the nourishing territories of tomorrow
  • Caroline Remon, Professor in Biotechnology at REIMS UNIVERSITY, Research in collaboration with INRA – On the multiple potentials of co-products
  • Rodney Quin, Head of Food Specialties at ROQUETTE - On revisiting functional ingredients from the food perspective

EPISODE 2: Rising up the challenge of sustainable development

Innovating in the era of sustainable development leads us to take up a challenge of high complexity, but also to increasingly think of our actions in interaction with a large number of stakeholders. Let’s explore what new forms of cooperation we can implement to produce more virtuous solutions together!

Podcast guests

  • Colette Gevers, Founder of GOÉLETTE and expert in collective intelligence and facilitation - On the great potential of collective intelligence through examples applied to the industrial world
  • Emmanuel Hembert, Global Lead Cosmetic & Personal Care at QUANTIS - On how the Eco Beauty Score, a consortium aiming to develop an industry-wide environmental impact assessment and scoring system, is in itself the definition of the term "art of consensus".
  • Rachel Kolbe Semhoun, Head of sustainability, INVIVO - On the collective dynamics of innovation in the French agricultural sector.
  • Cyril d'Humières, Head of Strategic Initiatives at ROQUETTE - On how collective intelligence can serve can sustainability objectives