algility micro algae

Involved in the microalgae area for several years, Roquette has developed new microalgae-based ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits for Nutrition, Health and Nutraceuticals.

  • Microalgae: micro-plant, macro potential

Microalgae are microscopic single-cell organisms. Appeared on the Earth more than 2.5 billion years ago, they are at the origin of life. Their ability to generate oxygen contributed to the creation of the Earth’s atmosphere, which in turn allowed life on Earth to develop. They are ancestral tiny plants.

Consumed by the Aztecs and the African tribes for centuries, they were studied later in Europe as ingredients to fighting malnutrition, because of their richness in nutrients and rapid growth.

Currently, scientists estimate that there are several tens of thousands species of microalgae, with only a few hundreds that have been studied.

Those multi-component microorganisms offer huge potentials in terms of nutrition for various markets and the opportunities for innovation are wide.

• Roquette, global leader in whole microalgae cultivation

As a pioneer in the microalgae sector with a long-term strategy, Roquette seeks to capitalize on the extraordinary potential of this renewable resource to respond to the nutritional and demographic challenges of the planet.

Since the year 2000, Roquette has strongly believed in the future role of microalgae in food, nutrition and health. With its expertise in generating value from agricultural raw materials, the Group invested in microalgae:

- creating a dedicated research laboratory in 2006,
- leading a research program in 2008 (ALGOHUB® supported by OSEO now Bpifrance),
- acquiring production sites in Germany in 2008 and in China in 2009,
- building an industrial unit in Lestrem (France) in 2013, now fully operational.

With microalgae, Roquette is diversifying its activity and reinforcing its ambition to be a major player in Food, Nutrition and Health.

  • algility™, a range of whole food ingredients
algility micro algue chlorelle algility microalgae recognized at the FIE innovation awards 2013

algility™ Whole Algal Flour has been recognized at the FIE Innovation Awards 2013

Involved in the microalgae area for several years, Roquette has developed three new microalgae-based ingredients with nutritional and functional benefits for Nutrition, Health and Nutraceuticals.

algility HL whole algal flour for fat reduction, lipid profile enhancement   algility HP whole algal protein - alternative to animal proteins   algility chlorella a nutrient rich food ingredient

algility™ HL Whole Algal Flour:

A whole food ingredient which significantly improves the nutritional qualities of recipes (reduces fat, optimizes lipid profile) while preserving taste and texture.


algility™ HP Whole Algal Protein (*):

A whole food ingredient,  which combines plant-based proteins (as an alternative to animal proteins), fibers and unsaturated lipids.

(*) Under development

algility™ chlorella:

A nutrient-rich whole food ingredient (proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals) to boost the daily diet.
brownies lipid profile enhancement   tasty high protein soup   food supplements for detox and digestive health thanks to chlorella and nutriose dietary fiber

Delicious brownies with lipid profile enhancement


A tasty high protein soup with improved nutritional profile

  Food supplements for detox & digestive health thanks to the synergic effect of Chlorella-NUTRIOSE®


Besides their nutritional benefits, algility™ microalgae can also naturally bring a color to foodstuffs.

Beyond these ingredients, Roquette also aims to develop other solutions for protein enrichment and optimization of the nutritional profile: lipids (omega-3), pigments (carotenoids, etc.), vitamins and minerals.



Microalgae based product concepts  

Product concepts

- Enhance the fat profile of a premium-taste ice cream

- Enhance the nutrition profile of a vegetable pie

- Upgrade the sensory profile of a low fat cold sauce

baking solutions - microalgae  

Technical fact sheet

Enhance nutrition and texture in your baked goods


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Micro algae for bakery reformulation - Webinar  


Bakery reformulation
Microalgae - the future of foods? Take baked goods…

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