SweetPearl® - The maltitol by Roquette

SweetPearl® maltitol is a bulk sweetener made from cereals (wheat / maize), renewable sources. By replacing the sugar, it enhances the natural flavours of food for a premium taste and delivers well-being to consumers.

Sweetpearl maltitol


Easy to use

  • Replaces sugar 1:1
  • Adapts to any recipe and manufacturing process


Incredibly tasty

  • Nice sweet taste
  • Sweetness very close to that of sugar
  • In chocolate: enhances the intense flavour of cocoa
  • In baked goods: unleashes the taste of cereals

SweetPearl®: for 100% well-being

  • Eating large amounts of sugar is not good for our health. SweetPearl® makes it possible to enjoy sweetness while not compromising on health.
  • Natural Goodness: made from corn, a natural, renewable ressource
  • Sugar-free
  • Safe for teeth: promotes oral health by not causing cavities


Food applications for whatever your needs

SweetPearl® maltitol can be used in chocolate, ganache, praline, pastries, biscuits, wafer, and other chocolate confectionery or baked goods,  chewing gum and many more.

Experience recipes worth rediscovering, should they play on crunchy, creamy, melting or tender textures.

Chocolate with maltitol SweetPearl

Adding innovation to chocolate creations

SweetPearl™ facilitates chocolate innovation by delivering
a clean-tasting
sweetness that intensifies chocolate flavours
and enhances nutritional benefits.

That’s why SweetPearl™ chocolates are consumer favourites –
and approved by leading chefs.


C. Michalak inspiration maltitol sweetpearl

Biscuits with SweetPearl maltitol

Release the potential of cereals in baking

SweetPearl®brings out the nutritional benefits and the natural
of the cereals contained in your products.

It can be used in baking dough as well as ice creams, coating,
fillings and cake decorations.

Chewing gum with SweetPearl maltitol

Long-lasting crunchiness

SweetPearl® is the world’s staple sweetener for sugar-free
chewing gum
and confectionery coating.

SweetPearl® coating provides long-lasting crunchiness,
sweetness and
sustained flavour release.

Our expertise at your service

Roquette provides a tailor-made business service, recipes, state-of-the-art technologies and product development assistance for each of your food innovations.

Roquette is the world market leader in the production of health ingredients from cereals and the world’s largest and most experienced producer of maltitol.

Roquette can bring in additional international expertise, such as trend-spotters, health experts and food scientists.


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