Worldwide presence

Constant global expansion

Roquette has been rolling out its international sales-development strategy through agents and subsidiaries for decades. It started unfurling its industrial development strategy more recently, and indeed now runs more operations outside France than within it.

Meeting the needs of all our customers with the same quality standards

The Roquette group counts more than 40 locations in Europe, America, Asia and India (commercial units, production sites and research and development centers).

Backed by an international network of branches and agents,  8,000 employees are devoted to technical and sales assistance of the customers in more than 100 countries.

This global presence allows the group to offer an equal level of quality to all of its customers on every continent.

Europe, the birthplace of the group

Roquette first stretched its industrial presence across Europe, where it now runs 10 production sites in France, Italy, Spain, Romania and England and sales subsidiaries in Germany, Finland and Russia.

In all, Roquette has 5 production plants in France. The starch plant in Lestrem is home to its corporate headquarters. It is also the biggest Roquette factory in Europe, and the Group’s main R&D centres, (which employs more than 300 researchers). The Lestrem starch plant is currently the largest biorefinery in Europe, converting 7000 tons of grains each day and marketing more than 700 products.

Finally, in 2008, Roquette acquired German company BPS, which specializes in producing microalgae. BPS owns Europe's largest fresh water photobioreactor.

America and Asia, Roquette expands into new markets

Since the eighties, the group has been strengthening its international presence with various factories or offices in the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India and Mexico. 

Roquette group continues its development in high growth areas

Roquette plans to intensify its development in growing countries, in particular in Southeast Asia, India, America and Russia.

The group is growing stronger around the world by forming partnerships with companies that are renowned in their fields, like Sethness, world leader in caramel colors.

The Roquette Group is always alert to industrial and commercial opportunities that will help it continue its global development.

Roquette's major development stages from 1933 to the present day