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Disintegrants and superdisintegrants are used in tablets and capsules to ensure the rapid break down into their primary particles, facilitating the dissolution or release of the active ingredients. Roquette has developed a versatile range of standard disintegration excipients.
Roquette offers a range of both soluble and insoluble fibres, each of them providing specific benefits that combine outstanding nutritional and technological properties.
Case study: Use of partially pregelatinized corn starch as filler for two-piece hard gelatine capsules
Roquette has developed LYCATAB® C as a filler-disintegrant for two-piece hard gelatine capsules. The study compares the performance of LYCATAB® C with the similar excipient Starch 1500® in this application. Partially pregelatinized corn starches are free-flowing and self-disintegrating powders. Their physico-chemical properties are well adapted to the use as filler-disintegrant in two-piece hard gelatin capsules. LYCATAB® C has been developed for this application.
Roquette superdisintegrants GLYCOLYS® and EXPLOSOL®

Reliable superdisintegrant efficiency comes with Roquette’s long-standing experience in the field.

Organic acids

Based on renewable raw materials like maize, Roquette’s production plant in Italy produces an extensive range of gluconic derivatives: Gluconic acid, Glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) and Sodium gluconate.

Cereal sugars
Cereals-based sugars present nutritional and physiological interests and so contribute to provide energy to our body. At the same time, they have a sweet taste that is the one preferred by human, and naturally associated with pleasure.
Over the decades, Roquette has progressively developed the widest range of Cereal Sugars available on the international market. Industrial locations in Europe, Asia, IMEA and Americas allow us to serve our customers in all these regions. For a long time, cereal sugars have had a growing importance in human nutrition and Pharma, as well as in feed, pet food, chemical, and industrial applications.
Based on an unequalled range of raw materials – maize, waxy maize, amylo maize, wheat, potatos, tapioca and peas - Roquette's list of more than 300 native and modified starches is readily available throughout the world.
As leader in polyol (sugar alcohol) production, technology and applications, Roquette is able to offer the broadest range, including sorbitol, maltitol, mannitol, xylitol and isosorbide. 
Texturizing solution

Formulation for the food market is also a matter of textural innovation. Differentiate your snacks with pregelatinized starch PREGEFLO® coatings that add texture to your snacks!

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