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Support for completing secondary education, nutritional advice for good health in youth, and preparation for working life are some of the basic components of the program developed by Magic Bus. For two years, young people from rural communities will attend a program to prepare themselves for professional life and rise out of poverty, while being educated about the importance of eating well over a lifetime. 

People living in rural areas of India have living conditions that are very different from those in urban areas. 

Young people in these communities leave school very early on and thus encounter more nutritional problems than those continuing their secondary education (around 45% of adolescents in rural areas are anemic, versus 29% in urban areas).

A lack of education, early marriages and poverty are factors that prevent these young people from finding a way out of their vulnerable situation. Magic Bus provides them with long-term support in order to advise them and develop their skills for a better, healthy life. 

With its long-term program, Magic Bus invites young people to take two years to benefit from advice and training enabling them to develop key skills for workplace integration as well as for their personal development through the organization of workshops dedicated to food and nutrition.

This program, intended for 1,200 young people in the vicinity of Gokak, India, promotes connections between various communities for the adoption of an active, healthier lifestyle. 

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