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Sharing knowledge

“There is more to gain by sharing what we know.” This sharing allows us to provide the right information leading to the right actions in terms of food and nutrition. The Roquette Foundation supports project owners who share their knowledge and disseminate their know-how to improve the eating habits, well-being and health of as many people as possible.
Supported projects
  • Le Jardin Voyageur

    Created in 1996, Le Jardin Voyageur is an association that transmits an enthusiasm for gardening to children, along with a discovery of fruits and vegetables, and educates their taste. The sponsored project concerns the program known as Vegetable Plates.
  • Magic bus

    Created in 1999, the Magic Bus association enables adolescents to acquire key skills for their personal and professional development. Working within communities, Magic Bus builds a better, healthy future for young people, with decent living conditions.
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Head of the Roquette Foundation for Health
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