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Project Sport dans la ville
Sport dans la ville

Through workshops that help young people become conscious of their eating habits, the Sport dans la Ville association encourages them to take a critical look at their environment, the way they eat and their physical activity. The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the Sport & Nutrition program that shows young people how to change their eating habits.

In local neighborhoods, Sport dans la Ville’s main mission is to build sports centers, soccer fields and basketball courts to work toward equal opportunity and allow the personal development of young people. 

In partnership with the Vivons en Forme (Let's Stay Fit) association, which is also supported by the Roquette Foundation, Sport dans la Ville makes an assessment of the eating habits of young people, such as snacks eaten after a match, and evaluates how widespread they are, as well as their impact on overweight and obesity.

In the field or during tournaments organized by the association, entertaining workshops are created, offered and led by the sports educators from Sport dans la Ville.

Trained to encourage young people to adopt proper habits, they play a key role in changing eating behavior, both on the field and in everyday life.

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Changing behavior: Other supported projects
  • LP4Y (Life Project 4 Youth)

    Created in 2009, LP4Y helps young people ages 18 to 24 living in conditions of extreme poverty and exclusion in various countries find work through an 18-month entrepreneurial program. The sponsored project is LifeLine, developed to respond to issues affecting the city’s slum area by ensuring healthcare and improving living conditions.
  • Vivons en forme

    Created in 2011, VIF is a unique program in France for promoting health and fitness. Our Foundation supports this program, which offers training and tools to member cities on topics like food, physical activity and well-being.
  • Thien An Home II in Vietnam

    Created in 2000 to combat an outbreak of leprosy, Thien An Home II has broadened its scope of action to help ethnic minority populations find employment, while equipping them with the required knowledge (in terms of education, food, nutrition and health) and skills for a better life.
  • People cooking

    Prev’Santé MEL

    For twenty years, the Prev’Santé MEL association has worked toward improving the quality of life for patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity. The project supported by the Roquette Foundation aims to adapt therapeutic education programs and make them available to people with intellectual disabilities and obesity.
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