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The Vivons En Forme program (VIF or Let's Stay Fit) is implemented through the FLVS association
The actions and messages of the VIF program are organized around three points: a balanced, diversified, affordable and pleasant diet for families; regular daily exercise for everyone as part of everyday living; a local environment that encourages adopting these good habits.

The Roquette Foundation for Health supports the VIF program because it shares the goal of the FLVS association, which is to provide friendly, ongoing support to families and children to encourage healthier behavior. 

To reach this goal, the VIF program is based on a positive approach that fits in with family reality and includes themed workshops for training local actors on how to change the behavior of parents and children to ensure healthier living. Teachers, lunchroom workers and supervisors are trained to provide good, simple advice that can be applied to everyday living.

In France, over 250 municipalities and municipal groups belong to the program. Since 2005, the FLVS association has noted a decrease of overweight and obesity, in certain areas by 40% within seven years.

The program continuously diversifies its training offer to provide local actors with increasingly varied themes that reinforce the changes in the way children and families view nutrition.

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Changing behavior: Other supported projects
  • LP4Y (Life Project 4 Youth)

    Created in 2009, LP4Y helps young people ages 18 to 24 living in conditions of extreme poverty and exclusion in various countries find work through an 18-month entrepreneurial program. The sponsored project is LifeLine, developed to respond to issues affecting the city’s slum area by ensuring healthcare and improving living conditions.
  • Project Sport dans la ville

    Sport dans la ville

    Created in 1998, the Sport dans la Ville (Sports in the City) association promotes the social and professional insertion of young people from priority neighborhoods by creating sports centers and developing programs focusing on sports that help with their personal development. Sport & Nutrition is the program backed by the Roquette Foundation.
  • Thien An Home II in Vietnam

    Created in 2000 to combat an outbreak of leprosy, Thien An Home II has broadened its scope of action to help ethnic minority populations find employment, while equipping them with the required knowledge (in terms of education, food, nutrition and health) and skills for a better life.
  • People cooking

    Prev’Santé MEL

    For twenty years, the Prev’Santé MEL association has worked toward improving the quality of life for patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity. The project supported by the Roquette Foundation aims to adapt therapeutic education programs and make them available to people with intellectual disabilities and obesity.
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