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The HEROIC Research Project with the DigestScience Foundation
Working as a booster, the DigestScience Foundation intervenes in a number of areas concerning chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine: research, care, training, education and the production of information for health professionals, researchers and patients. In this context, the HEROIC project (Highlighting Environmental features in epidemic areas of Crohn's disease), which has been divided into four distinct phases, studies the environmental factors behind Crohn's disease and provides solutions to improve the patient's life.

The Roquette Foundation for Health and the DigestScience Foundation are convinced that nutrition is a key field of research for improving human health. Poor eating plays an undeniable role in the development of many major pathologies, such as diabetes, cardiovascular illness and obesity. Therefore, it is essential to fund research work that clarifies the role of food in these pathological mechanisms and develop effective treatments and prevention policies.

This is why the Roquette Foundation for Health supports DigestScience Foundation medical research and, in particular, the HEROIC project.

The HEROIC project (Highlighting Environmental features in epIdemic areas of Crohn's disease) is based on a large-scale epidemiological study that will be carried out in the Hauts-de-France region to find possible environmental causes of this disease.

This study will call on epidemiologists, geographers, gastroenterologists, historians, sociologists, toxicologists, biologists and specialists in air and water quality. The international scientific and medical community recognizes that the Hauts-de-France region is probably a world reference zone for identifying the causes of inflammatory intestinal diseases.

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Believing in progress: Other supported projects
  • LIRIC (Lille Inflammation Research International Center)

    The Lille Inflammation Research International Center (LIRIC) is a unique research center that aims to understand and treat inflammatory diseases. Its almost 140 researchers work in open, cross-disciplinary teams to study inflammatory diseases with the goal of providing patients with new concrete therapeutic solutions.
  • Microbiome Foundation

    Created in 2011, the Microbiome Foundation is committed to improving the well-being and health of everyone by providing insight into the role of the intestinal microbiota. It thus finances research on the microbiota as well as general-public awareness-raising initiatives on ways to preserve it, through nutrition in particular.
  • Institut Pasteur LuLISA project

    Institut Pasteur LuLISA project

    A non-profit foundation, Institut Pasteur in Paris contributes to the prevention and treatment of disease, especially infectious disease, through research, education and public health actions. The project supported by the Roquette Foundation aims to develop a quick, easily accessible method for diagnosing various food allergies.
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