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  • KLEPTOSE® (cyclodextrins) are efficient solubilisation, stabilization enhancers and taste-masking agents. A full range is available for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.

  • Sugar carbohydrate used for oral dosage forms. Dextrose monohydrate is also a sweetener and a diluent for tablets, capsules and sachets.
  • Compound made from lactose and maize starch used for direct compression applications, low dosage and homeopathic formulations, and fast dissolving tablets.
  • SweetPearl® is a dimeric polyol which can be used as diluent for tablets and sachets,excipient for coating and candying as well as sweetener for pharmaceutical chewing gum.

  • PEARLITOL® Flash is a compound dedicated to orodispersible tablets obtained by direct compression.
  • Versatile stable excipients for pharmaceutical applications.
  • Versatile stable excipients for pharmaceutical applications: a diluent for capsules and sachets.
  • A microcrystalline cellulose with filler-binder properties and a certain capacity to act as a disintegrant.
  • Native starches of plant origins : Maize, wheat and potato. Extra white maize starch has a disintegration function and can be used as insoluble diluents.
  • This excipient is used as filler for gelatin capsules and binder for direct compression. LYCATAB® C and C-LM combines the disintegration power of starch grains with the high cohesion and good compressibility.
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