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  • Enzymatic activity for film-press and size-press applications.
  • By using VECTOR® SC, the ratio of emulsion stabiliser to ASA can be reduced and sizing efficiency optimised to reduce costs.
  • The liquid bio-polymer developed specifically to achieve softness, strength, and sustainability.

  • Range of cationic starches used in order to increase surface strength and printability of papers. HI CAT® SP is suitable for size-press and film press applications.
  • HI-CAT® has an important action in the creation of sheet of paper. He works on the characteristics of products to involve strength and retention.
  • Maize starch is used as a slurry for spray applications and as a glue for film press applications. Maize starch improves paper strength properties.

  • A modified wheat starch used as a spacer for coating colours for self-copying papers.
  • STABILYS® A is a starch made from renewable resources and mainly suitable for the preparation of coating color and calender. FDA & BfR approved.
  • ROQUETTE®  Starch M-G is used to increase paper strength properties. It is suitable for spray application as a slurry or as a glue for size-press application.
  • WHEAT STARCH SP enhances paper strength properties. It can be used as a slurry for spray application and as a glue for size-press application.
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