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  • Pregelatinized starch is incorporated in the formulation of dry and wet feed and snacks for pet food. It is also used in aquaculture and calf nutrition.
  • The outstanding soluble fibre of natural origin, from maize or wheat starch, with prebiotic effect for digestive health.
  • A polyol for animal nutrition : ruminant and calf feed, pet food, pig feed and poultry feed. Sorbitol is also used for liver detoxification.
  • A native natural wheat protein derived from wheat flour and obtained by a non-chemical wet extraction, most commonly used in pet food products and in aquafeed formulas.

  • Wet maize gluten feed is a mix of maize fibers and maize solubles. With its palatability, wet corn feed Roquette is an energy source for ruminant feed.
  • Wet pea pulp Roquette is extract from pea grain and pea flour. Pea pulp is a good energy source for pig feed and ruminant feed (cattle feed).


  • Cellulose fraction obtained during starch extraction wet potato pulp is distributed directly to farms for ruminant feed.

  • Good energy source for monogastric and ruminant feed. Wheat gluten is a highly digestible starch enriched fibre.
  • CORAMI® wheat soluble is a protein and energy source for pig feed. Product of starch industry, liquid CORAMI® Roquette is derived from wheat soluble proteins.
  • A source of proteins fattening pig feed.

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