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Roquette LYCOAT® ReadiLYCOAT®, the outstanding coating solution

Is a standard coating solution only just good enough for you?

Discover our LYCOAT® ReadiLYCOAT®, a natural inert polymer and ready-to-use coating system for fast aqueous film coating saves up to 50% or more time.

LYCOAT® Key benefits

Natural origin, no solvent

The origin of LYCOAT® polymers is natural, vegetal and renewable. Obtained from the pea, the LYCOAT® manufacturing process uses water as the sole solvent. LYCOAT® RS 720 is the medium viscosity grade, LYCOAT® RS 780 is the low viscosity grade.

Superior organoleptic properties.

Compared to synthetic or highly modified polymers, LYCOAT® has a pleasant neutral odour and taste

 Odour (n=15)  20%  80%  7%  93%
 Taste (n=14)  14%  86%  0%  100%


Quick coating

High solids content coating suspensions allow you to save up to 50% of coating time.

Fast and easy dispersion


ReadiLycoat® key benefits

  • ReadiLYCOAT® coating systems are designed to facilitate your coating operations and composition can be adapted to each of your needs in compliance with regulations.
  • ReadiLYCOAT® improves the appearance of your tablets, capsules and granules.
  • ReadiLYCOAT® MS also provides protection against moisture.

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