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Roquette excipients for solubility and stability improvement & taste masking

Molecular inclusion complexes using cyclodextrins have become a standard formulation strategy to mainly improve the solubility or stability of active ingredients.  They can also be used to improve the taste of bitter or unpleasant tasting drugs. Discover our range of betacyclodextrins KLEPTOSE®!

Roquette has pioneered the development of betacyclodextrin technology, developing a full range of KLEPTOSE® betacyclodextrins and has extended it to pea maltodextrins with KLEPTOSE® Linecaps.
With different characteristics (solubility, water content, compactibility) provided by Roquette know-how they are able to suit majority of your formulation challenges.

KLEPTOSE®- native betacyclodextrins
KLEPTOSE® HPB and HP - hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins

The wide KLEPTOSE® range of betacyclodextrins (native and modified) is designed to address your different dosage forms (liquids, solids, semi solids), to adapt to your different processes (kneading, extrusion, spray drying, lyophilisation, milling/grinding) and constraints (factors affecting drug stability).

These safe excipients that have a worldwide acceptance by Health Authority are precious tools for formulators. The affinity based mechanism of encapsulation between KLEPTOSE® and drugs might allow you:

  • To increase aqueous solubility of drugs.
  • To enhance drug delivery to and through biological membranes.
  • To increase chemical stability of drugs.
  • To prevent drug-drug and drug-excipient interactions.
  • To convert liquid drugs to powders.

Taste masking solutions: KLEPTOSE® Linecaps pea maltodextrin

Thanks to its origin from pea starch, KLEPTOSE® Linecaps brings key technical benefits in:

  • Taste masking.
  • Enhancement of drug solubility.
  • Improvement of stability such as oxidation stability of herbal extracts and flavors.

Technology very well suited for:

  • A wide range of dosage forms: solids, liquids, sachets, dry syrups and orodispersible films.
  • OTC and food supplements (ex: herbal products) as a cost effective solution for taste masking.
  • Paediatric population.


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