Solubility and stability improvement and taste masking

KLEPTOSE® (cyclodextrins) are efficient solubilisation enhancers and taste masking agents. A full range is available, from native to hydroxypropyl cyclodextrins, for use in many dosage forms, from solid to liquid.

Native betacyclodextrins 

Molecular inclusion complexes using cyclodextrins have become an accepted formulation strategy to improve the solubility or stability of active ingredients.  They can also be used to improve the taste of bitter or unpleasant drugs. 
Roquette has pioneered the development of betacyclodextrin technology, developing a full range of KLEPTOSE® betacyclodextrins. With different powder properties, chemical substitutions and solubility profiles they are able to meet modern formulation needs.

Pea maltodextrin

A new product KLEPTOSE® LINECAPS (maltodextrin) has also been developed as a taste masking technology for many dosage forms: liquids, chewable tablets, ODT, suspensions, etc., capable of masking the bitter taste of drugs by decreasing the overall amount of drug particles exposed to the taste buds. Its food grade acceptability is particularly suitable for the paediatric market.

Hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins

Push back your formulation limits with hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins enabling technology! For a long time hydroxypropyl betacyclodextrins technology has been used exclusively by a select few. Today, the patent environment for HPBCD is more favourable for new formulations and the use of HPBCD technology in pharmaceuticals is now free of any broad-use restrictions except within US territory.

You no longer have to let a poorly soluble active ingredients limit your formulation power! 

Our excipients for solubility and stability improvement & taste masking


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