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Roquette is part of the European project IMODE

IMODE = Innovative MulticOmponent Drug dEsign

Improving health care and novel medicine while containing medical costs is a major challenge nowadays. IMODE project addresses this issue by creating innovative solutions for pharmaceuticals and medical applications.

The main objective of IMODE program is to develop novel and effective solutions to improve the quality of life of patients suffering from various cardiovascular or digestive diseases.

This consortium of pharmaceutical research brings together 11 partners from European academia and private sector, which make their specific skills and experience available to the research studies conducted by IMODE.

The operation of this transdisciplinary research and development program enables to accelerate the development of innovative, ready-to-use, patentable medicines and medical devices based on novel multi-component materials with improved therapeutic properties. 

IMODE is also part of the INTERREG program, funded by the European Union, which aims to develop innovative pharmaceutical solutions to meet current health challenges.

Some figures

  • Start of the project: 1st July, 2016
  • End of the project: 30th June, 2020
  • Total budget: € 5,960,000, of which 60% is funded by the European Union
  • 1 Pilot: Université Lille (FR)
  • 10 Partners:
    Roquette (FR), Cubic Pharmaceutical Limited (UK), Ahsford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UK), Eurasanté (FR), University of Greenwich (UK), ImaBiotechn (FR), University of East Anglia (UK), Université de Gand (BE), Université Lille (FR), University College London (UK)
You can learn more about this project by visiting the websites: IMODE and INTERREG.