Protein stability

Roquette BioPharma, bringing new solutions for biotherapeutics. Rely on Roquette for biopharmaceutical solutions that resolve protein stability challenges impacting your development.

Polyol stabilizers for Biopharmaceuticals

PEARLITOL® BioPharma mannitol and NEOSORB® BioPharma sorbitol are both low-endotoxin, multi-compendial grade that are suitable for use in biopharmaceutical process development.

KLEPTOSE® for Biopharmaceuticals

KLEPTOSE® BioPharma HPB and HP grades hydroxypropyl β-cyclodextrins are widely used in the formulation of small molecules, highly soluble betacyclodextrin derivatives that show promise as a multifunctional excipient suitable for biopharmaceutical applications.

We offer more than just reliable material performance from contaminant-free excipients produced in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant conforming to US FDA and ICH Q7 GMP quality guidelines.

Our BioPharma product portfolio is anchored by technical expertise that enables Roquette to stand out as a premier partner in applications related to improving the stability of therapeutic proteins.

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New solutions for biotherapeutics

Brochure "Bringing new solutions for Biotherapeutics"
New classes of biotherapeutics bring new formulation challenges. Rely on Roquette to deliver solutions that resolve protein stability challenges.

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Quality-based, safe, secure, and reliable supply of raw materials and excipients for biologics.

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Roquette's commitment to BioPharma market
Roquette reinforces position as a supplier of excipients and raw materials for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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Brochure "Delivering secure supply with the right partner"
When it comes to raw materials for cell culture or excipients in your formulation, you now have an alternative option.

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