SOLUTAB® - Croscarmellose sodium

Crosslinked carboxymethyl cellulose sodium
An efficient disintegration at low level of use.


SOLUTAB® is an efficient superdisintegrant that provides an efficient disintegration at low level of use. Disintegration performance obtained thanks wicking and swelling capacity of SOLUTAB® can be maximized thanks to the selection of its origin (wood or cotton).

Adapted to wet and dry granulation or direct compression processes, it is a flexible ingredient.


SOLUTAB® – Croscarmellose sodium

® Registered trademark(s) of Roquette Freres, Blanver Farmoquimica Ltda. or Itacel Farmoquimica Ltda.

Description - Compliance


  • White
  • Odourless and tasteless


  • European Pharmacopoeia
  • USP / NF
  • Japanese Pharmacopoeia

Regulatory: DMF type IV n° 9362

Registrations may vary depending on local regulations.


  • Insoluble

Grades available

  • SOLUTAB A – Wood origin, 10% max water content.
  • SOLUTAB A-IP – Wood origin, GMO free, 6% max water content.
  • SOLUTAB EDP – Cotton origin, 10% max water content.
Disintegrant for tablets, capsules, pellets.
Current packaging for this family of products
  • Cardboard box 25 kg
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