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Learn how to reduce sugar without compromising on taste and texture.

Reducing added sugar while creating delicious, nutritious products that delight and nourish are key challenges for the food industry.

The situation is complex - comprised of science, regulatory changes, public health, consumer perceptions and misconceptions. Negative health conditions are rising in populations around the world. Health authorities and consumers are increasingly aware of sugar intake and seek products that meet their needs. 

This webinar was the opportunity to discuss public health and regulatory issues, product trends, consumer interests and perceptions.

We also shared our expertise with technology solutions and concepts in on-trend consumer products in the confectionery, baking and cereal snacks.



Sarah Browner   Sarah Browner - Market analyst in Food trends & Innovation - Innova Market insights

Henri Gilliard   Henri Gilliard - Global Market Manager - Baking, Cereals & Snacks - Roquette

Serge Machado   Sergio Machado - Head of Customer Technical Service Americas - Global Business Unit Food - Roquette

 Benjamin Voiry   Benjamin Voiry - Area Market Manager - Roquette