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Meet active lifestyle challenges: put pea protein to work!

Today sports nutrition is going mainstream – with personalised nutrition for an active lifestyle.

The trend is now driving tailored products – and green, vegan, natural and non-GMO claims, linked to the ever-popular protein.  Plant protein is full of promise – but how do you select the best?

This webinar, held on 28 March 2018, explains how pea proteins are key to personalised sports nutrition development.

  • Innova Market Insights experts analyse the latest developments for you in sports practice and related new product launches around the world.
  • Roquette’s experts explain the scientific links with the physiological and nutritional needs of active people, and introduce a new grade of pea protein especially designed for ready-to-drink sports products. All great news if you want to unlock innovation!



Sophie Grard, Roquette  (speaker) - Team Leader in Specialized Nutrition & Beverages 


Laetitia Guerin-Deremaux, Roquette (speaker) – Nutrition & Health Senior Research Manager 

Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights - director of innovation

Lu Ann Williams, Innova Market Insights (speaker) - director of innovation

Anne-Sophie Vercruysse (moderator), Specialized Nutrition Market Manager