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Marketing, scientific nutrition and sensory research insights

How to succeed in creating a nutritious plant protein that contributes sustainably to the renaissance of a whole new gastronomy?

During the webinar, you will access an integrated approach:

  • From traditional foods to specific plant-based foods, what are consumers' expectations?
  • How to choose the right plant protein for various plant-based food applications?
  • What does a protein taste like? Key information for understanding and making the most of plant protein tastes.
  • What are the scientifically proven nutritional and health benefits of pea protein?
  • What new plant protein ingredients are used to diversify the range of products available?

Watch the webinar as our experts in marketing, scientific nutrition and sensory research share their expertise about the pea protein case study – and beyond!


Benjamin Voiry Benjamin Voiry

Head of Marketing Food - Europe & Global marketing manager Savory - Roquette

With a Master’s degree in Science and Engineering, Benjamin has spent more than 10 years in the B2B ingredients manufacturing space and is working on promoting natural ingredients for better food around the world. He joined Roquette in 2016. One of his key focus is the use of plant-based proteins in new food applications to fulfill customers’ expectations. 

 Laetitia Guerin-Dereumaux

Nutrition & Health Senior Research Manager - Roquette

Laetitia is Senior Research Manager in the Nutrition & Health R&D team with more than 18 years of experience in nutrition at Roquette France. She is more specifically involved in the development of the nutritional data for Roquette’s fibers and proteins. In this position, she manages preclinical and clinical studies, confirming nutritional benefits of these ingredients through a scientific approach. Her main fields of expertise are satiety and weight management, blood glucose management, colonic health and muscle development. Laetitia has co-authored many scientific papers published in peer reviewed journals. She obtained an engineering degree in biology from the University of Technology of Compiègne (France) in 2002.

Altrichter-Marie-Aude Marie-Aude Altrichter

R&D Flavorist Supervisor - Roquette

Marie-Aude has been Roquette’s R&D Flavorist Supervisor since February 2019. With over 20 years of experience in flavor houses, she has worked in many flavor creation categories, including sweet and savory applications. As Senior Flavorist, she  can help satisfy customers’ requirements with creative formulations that meet the most demanding challenges of a global market. She provides taste expertise on the ingredients of Roquette and in particular on proteins. Her role is to coordinate taste from the development of proteins to their application in food products with the sensory analysis department. She obtained a Flavorist degree from I.S.I.P.C.A. in 1993.

Schnicker SilviaSilvia Schnicker

Head of Marketing Food – Americas & Global Market Manager, Dairy - Roquette

Silvia Schnicker MBA, is Global Market Manager for the Dairy segment at Roquette. Silvia joined Roquette in 2012. Trained as Food Engineering from Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, she also holds an MBA in Marketing Management and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Advertising. She started her career in the food ingredients sector with strong experience in the Flavor Industry and Marketing with focus in Latin America. Besides her current role, Silvia is also responsible for the Marketing team in the Americas region. Her focus is the Dairy market and plant-based solution strategies and technologies to address current market needs and foresee future ones.