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The NUTRALYS® effect on satiety: Check out the first clinical study!

Obesity and associated health disorders are a major public health concern. The fundamental cause? Energy imbalance between consumed and expended calories.  A potential management strategy? Controlled energy intake with effective protein to induce satiety. Unfortunately, increases in consumption mean animal protein is scarce. Plant-based protein? It’s sustainable, of course, but are its great health benefits supported by science?

Roquette has recently pioneered the first clinical study of the impact on satiety, food intake and gut hormones of its NUTRALYS® pea protein. In this webinar, Roquette experts share their exciting results with you. High Protein NUTRALYS® food concepts are also presented.


Aurélie Mauray-Soulier

Market Development Manager, Specialised Nutrition, EU Business Unit - Roquette

Bertrand Rodriguez

Corporate Scientific Communications Coordinator for Nutrition - Roquette

Dior Sawaya

Market Development Manager - Roquette

Virginie Teichman

Market Manager - Roquette