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Happy microbiota = Healthy Gut, let's talk prebiotics

Focus on European market

We are not getting enough fiber. But we aspire to do so, as fiber goes beyond digestive health. +80% of consumers, worldwide, say that fiber is important for achieving immune health, and high percentages acknowledge the importance of prebiotics for immunity.

The microbes in our guts help maintain our immune systems and overall health. Awareness of this link continues to gain ground in the wake of COVID-19. But how can we feed our ‘good’ gut microbes? This is an especially important question as we age, and the diversity of our microbiome naturally declines.

In this webinar, we will talk about the prebiotic market, strategies for gut health through nutrition, and innovative food concepts addressing these needs.


  • Iva François, Global Market Manager - Fibers
  • Caroline Perreau, Nutrition&Health Senior Research Manager
  • Thomas Boursier, Food Application Scientist