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Roquette Food webinars on probiotics

Focus on American market

We are not getting enough fiber. But we aspire to do so, as fiber goes beyond digestive health. +80% of consumers, worldwide, say that fiber is important for achieving immune health, and high percentages acknowledge the importance of prebiotics for immunity.

While nutrition scientists are still unlocking the secrets of the gut microbiome, consumers increasingly understand that what we feed the army of microbes that line our digestive tracts may be intimately connected to our physical – and mental - health and wellbeing. So how can manufacturers tap into demand for foods that make our microbes happy, from probiotics claimed to reduce LDL cholesterol to the next generation of prebiotic fibers, postbiotics and resistant.

In this webinar, our marketing, R&D, and applicative technical team will talk about the fiber and prebiotic markets, strategies for gut health through nutrition, and innovative food concepts addressing this need. 


  • Nicole MacDonald, Americas Area Market Manager - Fibers
  • Caroline Perreau, Nutrition&Health Senior Research Manager
  • Thomas Boursier, Food Application Scientist