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Friends sharing a meal

: From field to table, discover an integrated approach to plant-based meat.

WEBINAR - 17 November 2020 - Americas: 10AM CST - Europe and Greater Asia: 10AM CET

Food means togetherness. This is true for families at the dinner table, and it is true for innovators working together to find more sustainable ways to feed the planet. Everyone eats and the way we eat is evolving!

Take plant-based meats. Once considered a trend, plant-based meat is becoming mainstream. 

Expectations in taste, texture and nutrition, along with stricter standards for sustainable sourcing and ingredient performance, are driving Roquette innovation in the sourcing, development, and production of plant protein ingredients.

Passionate about better food for people and for the planet, the Roquette team will take an integrated approach to plant-based meat in this webinar. 

  • How we collaborate with pea growers to set quality standards?
  • How consumer insights feed our approach to plant protein?
  • How we can help food innovators quickly bring a dazzling range of new cuisine?

Our experts will share with you a fascinating complete story designed for a new era of plant-based meat!



Julia BOSMAN - Moderator, Vegetal Protein Communications Manager, Roquette

Aurélie MAURAYArea Market Manager, Roquette

Chandani PERERAApplication Scientist, Roquette

Fabienne POINTIERSenior Agronomist, Roquette

Silvia SCHNICKER, Head of Area Market Manager, Americas & G, Roquette

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