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Watch the webinar to learn how to tackle nutritional improvement while preserving indulgence.

Learn how to tackle nutritional improvement while preserving indulgence in your formulations, without misleading about Nutri-score and EU regulatory context.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for indulgence but they are also aware of nutritional recommendations, that is why the better-for-you indulgence trend is growing while adapting to possible claims and positioning. Experts from Roquette will share with you the information you need on the nutritional, regulatory and marketing aspects, to help you to find the right balance.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Access to the nutritional recommendations and examples of strategy to achieve them, 
  • Get a regulatory landscape in Europe regarding nutrition claims and Nutri-score, 
  • Discover market insights, consumers expectations and behaviors for food in this particular period, 
  • Learn how to balance between nutrition and indulgence through innovative solutions to meet consumer’s expectation. 

Our experts are very happy to share their knowledge during this webinar.


Sandrine BOUVIER,  Food Area Market Manager, Roquette

Eva Esparza, Food Area Market Manager, Roquette

Marie DENIEL-RODRIGUEZ , Regulatory Affairs, Roquette

Clémentine THABUIS , Nutrition and Health Research Manager - Fibers, Roquette