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Offering the best of plant-based nutrition to meet specific needs at different steps of life

Objectives of the study 

The nutrient requirements during the different stages of the human lifecycle vary considerably. Adults wishing to control their caloric intake, sportsmen wishing to develop their muscle mass or older adults wishing to keep pleasure when eating, all have different nutritional and metabolic needs.

Roquette has developed a range of vegetable proteins produced from yellow pea. NUTRALYS® pea protein is a great source of proteins both qualitatively and quantitatively, rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids and Arginine.

The objectives of the present research were to investigate various benefits of NUTRALYS® pea protein:

  • The satiating properties in healthy volunteers,
  • The impact on muscle mass development in sportsmen,
  • The hedonic adherence of elderly people to a diet while incorporating NUTRALYS® pea protein.


NUTRALYS® pea protein is a promising ingredient:

  • For supporting the efforts of people concerned with their caloric intake.
  • For optimizing muscle mass development in people starting or returning to a muscular sport, in addition to an appropriate training.
  • For elderly population, from an organoleptic point of view, to design high-protein foods.

These results demonstrate that NUTRALYS® pea protein is a powerful alternative to animal proteins cumulating positive attributes and offering the best of plant-based nutrition to meet specific
needs at different steps of life