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Datasheet: Solulys for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

SOLULYS® is used as an organic fertilizer, and potential biostimulant as part of nutrient formulations in plant care. Additionally, SOLULYS® promotes microbial development critical to a healthy soil matrix.

SOLULYS® acts as a NPK fertilizer, with organic nitrogen readily available for plant growth.Derived from soluble corn protein extracts serving as a key source of secondary nutrients (Ca, S, Mg) and micronutrients (B, CI, Mn, Fe, Zn, Cu, Mo, and Se). Additionally, the product provides water soluble proteins, free amino acids, vitamins, and other natural organic acids (e.g., lactic acid) to aid in growth promotion and stress tolerance of the plant. SOLULYS® is also widely used as a microbial growth promoter in related applications. 

The major advantage of SOLULYS® is compositional consistency (protein, amino acids, minerals, trace elements…). Compared to other products derived from the corn steeping process, the patented SOLULYS® process delivers a uniform, stable and consistent product.

Main advantages of our SOLULYS® in the plant care industry

  • Biodegradability: Fully biodegradable and used in plant metabolism.
  • 100% bio-based product: Extracted from soluble corn wet milling fractions.
  • Plant biostimulant: Provides nutritional and non-nutritional growth response and stress tolerance, stimulates growth of microorganisms present in soil.
  • Consistency: Proprietary process used to produce a consistent, stable product.

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