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Datasheet: Nutralys for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

NUTRALYS® H85 is a pea protein hydrolysate. NUTRALYS® H85 is obtained from the enzymatic hydrolysis of a food grade pea protein extract.

Sustainable agriculture - Recent advances in sustainable agriculture have led to the widespread use of plant extracts and protein hydrolysates. Numerous horticultural and agricultural crops
benefit from the use of plant protein hydrolysates as fertilizers or biostimulants with benefits ranging from increased root mass to harvest quality.

The major advantages of NUTRALYS® H85 are a balanced nutritional profile with high bioavailability as a non-allergen, non-GMO alternative to other protein hydrolysates. 

Main advantages of our NUTRALYS® H85 pea protein hydrolysate in the plant care industry

  • Biodegradability: Fully biodegradable and used in plant metabolism.
  • 100% bio based product: Extracted and hydrolyzed from yellow pea.
  • Plant biostimulant impact: Rich in bioactive compounds like soluble peptides and amino acids, stimulates growth of microorganisms present in soil or provided as part of microbial biostimulant formulation.
  • Quality and safety: Consistent, food-grade,  non-allergen, non-GMO, produced without solvents or chemicals

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