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Datasheet: Microcel for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

MICROCEL® is a pure, partially depolymerized cellulose and multifunctional excipient. It can be used in powder formulations, including tablets, granules and pellets, while demonstrating enhanced disintegration and serving as a binder, compression agent, flow aid or extrusion aid.

The major advantage is natural origin, vegetable derived cellulose that is safe for agricultural applications

Main advantages of our MICROCEL® cellulose in the plant care industry

  • Environmentally friendly: MICROCEL® is environmentally friendly and naturally derived.
  • Inert and chemically stable: MICROCEL® is chemically inert and does not react with active ingredients.
  • Disintegration: MICROCEL® enhances disintegration of tablets/granules/pellets through rapid fiber swelling in the presence of water.
  • Granulometry: MIROCEL® granulometry is highly reproductible.

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