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Datasheet: Glutalys for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

GLUTALYS® HQD corn gluten is a concentrated protein extracted from the corn wet milling process. 

Farmers and turf managers interested in lowering synthetic chemical use seek sustainable bio based alternatives GLUTALYS® HQD is a natural, plant derived nitrogen source and pre emergent herbicide. Corn gluten is widely known for its ability to inhibit root formation in germinating plants while providing nitrogen and key nutrients to the soil.

The major advantages of GLUTALYS® HQD is high protein content which is key to herbicidal efficacy and long term nitrogen release. Additionally, key advantages such as low moisture (storage) low dust characteristics, and spreader compatible particle size distribution are noted.

Main advantages of our GLUTALYS® HQD corn gluten in the plant care industry 

  • 100% bio based product: Plant derived alternative to synthetic products
  • Consistency, stability and compatibility: Long term storage, low dust and moisture content and spreader compatible product
  • Dual mode action: Nitrogen source (slow release 3 4 months), Pre emergent herbicide
  • Nutrition: In addition to nitrogen, Glutalys provides amino acids, starch, and trace nutrients that promote plant and soil health.

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