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Datasheet: Cyclodextrins for Plant Care

Technical datasheet

Cyclodextrin can be used to encapsulate a large range of molecules. Encapsulation agents can be chosen based on a variety of criteria, including oxidation resistance, solubility, dispersion,
viscosity and impact on glass transition points.

The major advantage of our product is biodegradability that respects the environment, while effectively encapsulating active molecules. The resulting complex of Cyclodextrin and active promotes optimal release and stability of the formulated product.

Main advantages of our cyclodextrins in the plant care industry

  • Environmentally friendly 
    Environmental compatibility is key in relationship to our renewable, vegetable based solutions
    B-cyclodextrin structure decreases the interaction between hydrophobic parts of the active compound and surrounding aqueous environment
  • Physical property modification
    Increase the solubility and dispersion of selected molecule
    Protection against oxidation, UV, temperature variations…
  • Efficiency improvement
    Controlled and optimal release of the active ingredient

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