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Roquette proteins for Lactobacillus

Technical datasheet

Roquette Customer Technical Service (CTS) has generated the following formulation recommendation for Lactobacillus fermentation. Using a combination of HTS Mixture DOE, statistical modeling, and stirred tank validation, the recommended formulation includes a combination of NUTRALYS® H85 and SOLULYS®.

SOLULYS® is a unique vegetable-based protein extract valued for its nitrogen and critical growth-factor content. NUTRALYS® H85 is our hydrolyzed pea protein isolate often used as an organic nitrogen source replacement for traditional protein sources like soy and caseinSOLULYS® and NUTRALYS® H85 provide amino acids, peptides, vitamins, and trace elements essential to the growth and productivity of Lactobacillus. 

Despite an increase in total organic material, the recommended formulation results in a significant cost savings.

Discover more by downloading our technical data sheet. 

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