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Cusmotizing appealing gluten-free dosage forms

PEARLITOL® SW-F (wheat-free) mannitol for gluten-free nutraceutical dosage forms

Roquette’s spray-dried PEARLITOL® SD mannitol grades, particularly 200SD, are trusted, multifunctional filler/ binder/diluent excipients, providing nutraceutical supplement companies with an efficient direct compression tableting process. In addition to excellent flow and compressibility, key reasons many companies choose PEARLITOL® SD grades, particularly for chewable and oral disintegrating tablets (ODT), are the following:

  • Non-hygroscopic excipient promoting active stability
  • Pleasing cool taste
  • Sugar-free
  • Non-GMO

Roquette is now offering more choices in its range of PEARLITOL® SD grades by introducing wheat-free grades having comparable direct compression performance. New benefits are the result:

  • Wheat-free composition through a secure supply chain & manufacturing process controls.
  • Gluten-free supplement label claim supportive.

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