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Introduction of the study

Soluble dietary fibers reach almost unchanged the colon where they can induce “prebiotic effects,” characterized by: (1) an increase in “beneficial bacteria” and/or a decrease in “harmful bacteria,” (2) a decrease in intestinal pH, (3) production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and (4) changes in bacterial enzymes concentrations (Woods and Gorbach, 2001). NUTRIOSE® 06, a resistant dextrin, is mostly resistant to digestion in the small intestine and largely fermented in the colon: it is a soluble dietary fiber (Roberfroid 2005). It also shows (5) an outstanding digestive tolerance, allowing its consumption in amounts fully compatible with beneficial changes in the gut ecosystem, described hereafter. 

Conclusion of the study

According to all these observations, and based on the definition given above, the changes in the colonic environment suggest that NUTRIOSE® 06 can be considered as a prebiotic.

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