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The health benefit of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber | Part 1

Thanks to this higly documented monograph written by Laetitia GUERIN-DEREMAUX, Nutrition & Health Senior Research Manager, learn more about the health benefits of NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber and its positive effects on digestive health.

  • NUTRIOSE® fiber with an excellent digestive tolerance
  • NUTRIOSE® acts as a prebiotic
  • NUTRIOSE® promotes intestinal well-being
  • NUTRIOSE®, its impact on microbiota explains the beneficial effects on physiological endpoints

NUTRIOSE® is a well-tolerated fiber. This soluble fiber displays beneficial impacts on the overall colonic environment showing that NUTRIOSE® acts as a prebiotic. The observed effects occurring in the colon may explain the systemic effects of NUTRIOSE® on physiological endpoints as blood glucose management and satiety.

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