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Yellow pea

A Pure Native Pea Starch

ROQUETTE PEA STARCH N-735 is a clean label texturizing ingredient that provides the functional benefits of low gelatinization temperature, low hot viscosity when gelatinizing, and strong gel and film forming properties after cooking.

This starch is extracted from the yellow pea through a water only process, resulting in a pure native starch that is clean in taste derived from a sustainable crop. 

Key features

  • 99% pure pea starch from a wet process.
  • Very low content of minor constituents.
  • Low ash content.
  • Higher amylose content than standard corn starches - 35%


  • Bakery and Snacks
    Ideal for gluten free baking
    Enhances crispiness in breading and breadcrumbs
    Good for partial sugar reduction in creme fillings
  • Savory
    Crispy coating in tempura and frying batters
    Good adhesion with viscosity for seasoning mixes
    Less breakage in noodles and glass noodles
    Acts as a binder in processed meats
  • Dairy: Acts as an anti-caking agent in grated cheeses
  • Sports Nutrition: Acts as a carb source in powder mixes
  • Confectionery: Texturizer for gummies

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